The Environment Research Division is established to advance the scientific understanding of environmental processes to support peatland management in Sarawak. Our research interests span a plethora of disciplines from the soil, water and plant sciences to atmospheric science and cross both natural and managed peat ecosystems. We hope to develop and provide a sound solution for managing peat resources in light of global concerns on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions affiliated with peat issues.

Environment Research Division’s objectives are to:

  • Provide scientifically credible environmental analyses and information as a means to develop more effective approaches for peatland management

    • Understand and describe the environmental variability on ecosystem processes
    • Specify links between climate change and ecosystem dynamics, and develop the means to effectively access and predict the impacts of climate variability on both natural and managed peat ecosystems

  • Enhance the stewardship of peatlands in conservation and environmental management by understanding and describing the processes driving environmental variability and its effects on the peat ecosystem structure and function

    • Develop new approaches and technologies to characterize and assess peat ecosystems, and the impacts of climate variability on peat ecosystems
    • Develop environment-based analyses and simulation models of forest resources that will assist in the peat ecosystem management of Sarawak

    Provide timely and scientifically credible data and information for decision making and action planning for responsible peatland development

    • Develop environmental indices, integrated assessment and peat database management system
    • Engage, inform and advise stakeholders, industries and academia on the application of environmental data and information for peat ecosystem assessments and forecasts