Director’s Message

A very warm welcome to Sarawak Tropical Peat Research Institute (TROPI) website!

TROPI wishes to disseminate through our website our mission to discover and develop scientific knowledge to promote understanding of tropical peatland. This will eventually facilitate effective and responsible management of these resources not only for Sarawak but to the world at large.

TROPI, through our website, also aims to create awareness on our research activities and collaborations both national and international. The international collaborations are very important especially for the young researchers in order to jump start on their research skills, expertise and competencies. The new knowledge and understanding acquired will help to enhance our advisory services to support all stakeholders’ and the State’s socioeconomic growth.

The website will be a window to both TROPI and the Sarawak Government’s commitment towards conservation, wise use and responsible management of its peat and peatland resources for the benefits of our present and future generations.

In the quest to further enhance the management and conservation of these resources, we welcome research collaborations with both national and international research organizations. Going forward, TROPI is confident to overcome all challenges in our desire to be a world leader in tropical peat research.

Thank you.

Lulie Melling, PhD